David Alexandre

A professional psychic and spiritual practitioner in Dallas, Texas.

About David 


A long-time practitioner in the arts of Palmistry and Tarot, David is able to provide you with answers you need. He can help move you toward solutions to life’s most challenging decisions.  

Our lives present countless challenges for each of us. These can be in your; work, finances, family, friends, health, or romance. With these challenges it is always helpful to have an insightful guide to create a path of understanding. That’s David!

He brings a keen awareness to any situation through perception and a natural talent for divining answers. He guides you through a reading to reveal what’s “in the cards” for you. In a quiet, centered and supportive environment, you will focus together on developing a new awareness of your reality – enhancing your own ability to approach life’s issues through time-tested methods of analysis and divination.


Some personal words from David

Are prediction and analysis opposing ideas?

I don’t think so. The combination of understanding a given situation through analysis and using that understanding to help me make useful predictions about what will happen next. I find this extremely effective in guiding my clients. 

I believe that life is a series of opportunities and everything you need to make the most of each, you were given at birth.  You always have choice in matters, and together, we can work to discover your authentic, true voice, which will guide you in decision-making. 
The possibilities for you are endless; it’s the choices you make that matter.

You may ask:  “How can I see the choices before me?”

Hand analysis, or “Palmistry,” was developed in India and ancient Greece, and is still practiced today the world over.  It is so widely practiced in the Far East, and so highly revered, that many families there have their own Palmist or Astrologer to counsel family members from birth through life. 

I favor Tarot as a form of divination. Unlike Palmistry, it is a relatively modern way (barely 600 years old!) of revealing an inside look at life's path. Tarot gives us a way to interpret what “is” or what will be, through pictorial representations. 

Through what I feel is my innate talent, and with my many years of practice in these ancient art forms, I love being able to give my clients “sneak peeks” into their future. 
This proccess will leave you feeling more powerful, more conscious of your reality, and better able to understand answers to pressing questions in your life.