David has added a new, and exciting assortment of handcrafted dowsing pendulums. Each of these unique creations is an artful combination of semi-precious stones and various findings, to make them a one of a kind keepsake.

Pendulums inHistory

The pendulum has been used for hundreds of years by professionals and lay-people to find hidden treasures, diagnose disease, and locate missing persons, even gems beneath the earth. Predating the pendulum, dowsing or divining rods were employed to discover where water, oil, or minerals existed underground. The words divining or dowsing are often associated with the pendulum, even though the pendulum's range of use is far more extensive

Throughout history, people have turned to the pendulum to guide them when their lives were at stake. In dire circumstances during the Vietnam war, some U.S. marines were taught to use a pendulum to locate underground mines and tunnels.

History presents many accounts of the successes of dowsing, including those from officious sources. Britain's Weekly Telegraph of July 20th, 1994 reported the following obituary: "Colonel Kenneth Merrylees, the water-diviner who has died aged 97, worked during the Second World War as a bomb-disposal expert, when he used his dowsing skills to find bombs with delayed-action fuses which had penetrated deep into the ground."

The pendulum has also had its share of controversy throughout history. During the Cold War in the 1960's,
American pendulist Verne Cameron was invited by the government of South Africa to use his pendulum to help them locate their country's precious natural resources, but he was denied a passport by the U.S. government. A few years earlier, he had demonstrated his special dowsing talent to the U.S. Navy, successfully map dowsing (locating on a map) every submarine in the Navy's fleet. He shocked Navy officials by not only locating every American submarine, but also every Russian submarine in the world. Afterwards, the CIA determined that Cameron was a risk to national security, and he was forbidden to leave the United States.

Some Uses of the Pendulum

water, gold, oil and other minerals; lost objects; missing persons or pets; schools of fish; vacation spots; underground pipes and leaks; faulty equipment and sources of malfunctions; problems in the body, causes or solutions, etc.
TEST FOR~ allergies; the quality and freshness of food and water; chemicals, pesticides or bacteria in food, etc.

DETERMINE ~ compatibility between people, places and things; health of plants and animals; counterfeit or authentic items; honesty or fairness, etc. 

~ investments and stocks; careers; relationships; dates; timing; healthful foods, etc.