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How To Choose A Reader

Finding The Right Psychic or Intuitive For You

Choosing a psychic or intuitive reader is much like choosing a dentist or attorney, the best place to start is to ask your friends and associates for a recommendation!

Most good readers will have an excellent reputation and will have testimonials and references. Be wary of readers who advertise that they are "100% Accurate", as no psychic has a 100% accuracy rate. (80% is typical for a very good psychic!)

Your reader should responsibly run their business, present the work in a professional environment, and always respect client confidentiality.

What Happens In The Reading

To get the most out of your reading, make a list of questions prior to your session.

That way, you will be sure to stay on topic in the reading.

Also, write out what you want to accomplish in the reading. If you know what you want to get out of your session and have a clear list of questions, you are unlikely to wander off-topic. When you are in your session, make notes or record the reading.

Many things that come up in a reading will only make sense much later, the only way to remember these things is to record them somehow.

In your session, ask questions but don't be too chatty, you are paying for that time and it is too valuable to waste on small talk. Beware of a reader who insists on "visiting" during your session. Also watch out for a reader who is rude, arrogant, seems uninterested or uncaring, or insists on asking YOU questions.

(Asking "does that sound like what's going on?" to make sure the reading is going well is NOT what I'm talking about. I'm talking about fishing for information. You are smart enough to know the difference!)

If a reader behaves in a judgmental manner, if they give you advice, if they make you feel uncomfortable and especially if they talk about how there seems to be "a dark cloud of evil around you...a curse!" that only THEY can remove, leave immediately.

All of these things are inappropriate in a professional reading!

After The Psychic Reading

Pay attention to how you feel...do you feel like you have a plan of action, do you feel happy and full of energy? Do you feel focused and ready to make your own powerful decisions?

You must remember also that actually getting a reading will affect the future, because you will act differently due to the new information! If you change, your future will change.

Read over your notes a week later and see how you feel then.

File your notes away and read them at future intervals.

Remember, ordinary psychic ability shows around 30% accuracy, professional psychics will score 80%, and your notes should reflect that 80% accuracy rate.

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